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Classic cars may be works of art, but they were designed to be driven rather than sit in a garage like a museum piece. If you have a collectible automobile that needs work before you put it back on the road, we are here to help. The Automotive Preservation and Restoration Group, LLC, based in Chicago, Illinois, provides classic car preservation and restoration services for clients nationwide.

Cars are made with character, and they have a purpose. While fulfilling its purpose, each vehicle develops its own character. Our automobile preservationists have the skills to preserve or, if needed, restore your car's original appearance and functionality, allowing you to drive and enjoy your prized automobile.

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About Us

Our small shop is focused on quality instead of quantity, and we are dedicated to craftsmanship. We bring more than 30 years of experience to the preservation and restoration work we do for our customers' vehicles. Since the late 1970s, our owner has loved cars and has been rebuilding them. He rebuilt his first engine at 17 and continued this type of work over the years. He eventually became a car collector and decided to start a business where he could help other owners restore their own classic vehicles.

At our boutique shop, we only handle 2-4 projects a year, so they receive our undivided attention along with quality craftsmanship. Additionally, you can always talk to the owner when you call. We are committed to developing ongoing relationships with our clients to make sure their needs are met.

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