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The Automotive Preservation and Restoration Group, LLC

Car Preservation & Restoration Done with Detail

A classic car is meant to be admired by more than its owner. However, your vehicle may not be ready to show off to the public. If your collectible automobile is in less than perfect condition, The Automotive Preservation, and Restoration Group, LLC will restore it. We perform car preservation and restoration services that make you proud of the way your automobile looks and runs. For more information or details about the services we offer, please feel free to contact us.


Maintain the Condition

Your car's condition determines whether we recommend preserving or restoring it. Preserving the vehicle means maintaining it so that it is as close as possible to its condition when it rolled off the assembly line. Our service includes making sure your classic car is mechanically sound and functions as it should.

Bring Back the Original Look

Our approach to restoration is to bring back the character of the car. Depending on your automobile's needs, service could range from a partial to a full restoration. We have the ability to restore your car's original condition while modernizing it with the latest safety features. Popular choices for updated safety equipment include seat belts and disc brakes. To help you enjoy a better sound for your music, we can install solid-state and digital sound systems.

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